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The Biggest Threat Of Our Times

The Biggest Threat Of Our Times


See, the problem with people today is that they think they know more than they do. It's hard to comprehend how vital Cyber-Security is. While you're out there attacking your own team, spreading your political agenda or making chump change, bad actors are planting themselves in your backdoor, waiting for the right time to strike.

Apple and Samsung can only do so much, and if you aren't buying the latest technology every year, I'm sorry to tell you, but you are not their top priority, and you will most likely not be entitled to a refund.

I found this out the hard way earlier this year when I purchased myself a new PC. Although I had spent a big chunk of my life behind a computer, I went a few years without using one and had no real clue how far technology had come during my absence. So In late December 2020, I chose some recommended computer parts and had a company in Melbourne called "Aftershock."

Build my PC for me and ship it over to Sydney. Well, even though I did request a copy of Windows 10 Pro, it seemed to be looked over as I wasn't charged for one, and when I booted up my computer, this is what I saw======================>>

So I went to the Microsoft store in early January 2021 and purchased myself a standard edition of Microsoft Windows 10

Everything was all good for a few months. I was still working as a chef at the time, barely touched my pc. That was until the end of April when I quit my job, intending to start my own online business.

I went in deep and explored the market, Online shopping, Crypto Currencies, Affiliate Marketing, Making my own websites/content; I barely slept; I had so much to catch up on and loved how much the world is changing.

I noticed a few things, like not having admin permissions, but I could kind of find a workaround... I assumed Microsoft were just dicks or something and really didn't give enough attention to all these red flags that were popping up, but my computer, for the most part, was pretty okay until June 2021. So without going into too many details, I was having some problems and thought id Just give my computer a factory reset, and she should be all good. After that, I would get a better antivirus security system as my AVG was running out of subscription.

That was around the time I started to realise just how deep this shit goes. In July 2021 My the entire network was compromised in my house. I live with my 52-year-old mother, who knows nothing about technology, and a 14-year old brother going through puberty who also knows nothing about technology. I'm pretty sure my brother clicked the wrong link or phishing email late one night, and "bam", I was now in a situation I wouldn't have believed if someone had told me.

I was alone fighting for control of not only my computer but every single, smart device in my house; the worst part was I couldn't talk to anyone about it.

I still need to wrap my head around this and really do not want to spread misinformation. I know I'm not going to convert anyone with this vague blog, but the existence of this website is intended to plant seeds. So you can laugh now but in a decade, remember that I'm here, and ill lend a hand because the lessons I learnt with that hack was the single most beneficial experience of my entire life.

Now I'm running Linux distributions and learning to code in my spare time and make sure I invest at least $50 a fortnight into Elastos. You don't need to worry too much as end point security systems are becoming the "norm" but if you are like me and value your privacy and want to be in control of the technology you purchase it's more of an insult then proper security.

TLDW. In June 2019 NASA was hacked

In December 2019 Solar Winds was hacked

In January 2021 the Microsoft Exchange was hacked

In January 2021 My copy of Microsoft purchased off their online store was compromised.

In April 2021 My dumb ass creates Google business domains and subscribes to every website under the sun.

In July 2021 all the smart devices in my house were under the control of "bad actors"

Realize that you don't know shit. War in the new age will most likely never require a single gun-shot. It will be happening behind the very screen you are using to read this shitty blog


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