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Click Funnels

Click Funnels

The Affiliate Marketing Campaign that dominated the internet

This one is hard to miss. It is literally everywhere; I'm sure right now you have a few spam emails with people using this software or a copy of this software.

So... is it worth it? YES

If you are looking to start an online business, gain an audience and start earning a profit this is a great place. The thing is, you have to be aware of what it is. Do not fall for the trap of endless upsells; you simply don't need any more than The One Funnel Away Challenge itself. For $100 it's the best online marketing course currently offered online. If you follow the step by step process and join in on the community, you are giving yourself a ridiculous headstart. Though it's not for everyone by any means, I highly recommend familiarising; yourself with what it is and how it works.

As good as it is. It's such a shitty market with the constant upsells, I really enjoyed the software and the community, and the value exceeds the $100 investment even if you don't manage to get any sign-ups.

Though I found it wasn't for me in the long term, I recommend giving it a shot if you are interested; I mean, they give you an affiliate link with 100% commission. So if you can get one other person to sign up, you have made your money back. Two, and you have made a profit... hence why I'm more than happy to give them a shout-out right now.


Step #1: The Strategy

Russell delivers your “Mission” video training inside a secret Facebook Group.

You get a new mission every day for 30 Days

Step #2: The Tactics

After each mission, you’ll get a 1-Page Mission Document with your mission-critical assignment.

Complete it to SEE RESULTS and get one step closer to your personal goal

Step #3: Implementation

3 Live training sessions a week with our elite coaches and consultants. Ask them questions, pick their brains, get support. They’ll answer EVERYTHING about tech, strategy, funnel building, your offer, your product or service, integration, you name it.

The key is to do what Russell says AND commit to the process. That’s it.

You’ll also get LIVE training, support, and all your questions answered

Sign up or don't... But I will confirm it's not a scam and warn you to stay away from the million upsells. They also give you access to "Funnel-Flix" which is just an amazing resource for starting up your online business.

So if you are interested: https://affiliates.clickfunnels.com/ofa-affiliate-center#

This is my reward if you click the link. Of course, if you sign up for the challenge, you'll get one of your own; it's worth it just for that, haha..

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